Beit RaMBam


Tishri 5778


The history of Beit Rambam

The history of Beit Rambam began many years ago, when various groups formed by Jews of different nationalities but all residents of Andalusia, spread out among different places in the region – Seville, Cordoba and Cadiz, among others – started to take concrete steps to reach a goal that they had been dreaming of for some time: the creation of a Jewish congregation that would embrace and integrate the diverse reality of Andalusian Judaism in the 21st century.

In the beginning, our home base was the city of Cordoba, and we want to especially mention our chaver Haim Casas, for his inspiration and tenacity in moving the project of an Andalusian Kehilla forward. Initially, an association was created to promote progressive Jewish values in Andalusia. This association became a reference point for the small groups of Jews previously mentioned that, little by little, started coming into contact and happily saw for themselves that they shared the same hopes and dreams.

Synagoge of Cordoba, Spain
Synagoge of Cordoba, Spain

The interest for this project gained strength in a brief space of time, most of all in Seville; so it was in this city where we decided to centralize the base of the congregation, and from there, tend to the members residing in other parts of the Andalusian territories.

Synagoge of Cordoba, Spain
Finally, in the year 2012, the community’s primitive dream came to fruition, because that was the year that the Statutes of Constitution, Organization and Operation of the Jewish congregation that decided to take the name of Beit Rambam, paying homage to the Cordoban Jewish sage Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon, Rambam, were made.

Several of the members, constituted as the first Managing Board, under president Leslie Routman and headquartered in Seville, took over the project from its initial promoters, giving continuity to the project, in which they lovingly dedicated their time and energy, to turn what started being a small Andalusian chavurah into a full-fledged Jewish congregation.

After a year of functioning and the consolidation of the initial agreements, in Sukkot 5774, the first Board of Directors of Beit Rambam the Jewish Congregation of Andalusia was elected by vote.

Beit Rambam publicly celebrates its first Hannukah in Seville, 2013.