Beit RaMBam


Tishri 5778


Excursion to Lucena

On February 6th, Beit Rambam organizes an excursion to Lucena, one of the more important sites in the history of judaism in Spain. With the assistance of the local guide we visited the “judería”; heard about the important jewish figures of “Eliossana”; paid a visit to the cemetery. Most of all we come to understand and appreciate how this “Pearl of Sepharad” gained such vitality and prominence.

Una excursión a Lucena

Beit Rambam at University of Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla

Shortly after the beginning of the New Year 5775, the Department of Geography, History and Philosophy of the Univesity of Pablo Olavide (UPO) invited us to give a class about Judaism to Geography and History students as part of a unit on Mediterranean Religions.

Varda Fiszbein represented Beit Rambam and gave the class as requested to the fourth year students. Some graduate students, not wanting to pass up this opportunity, also attended.

Some thirty students, with little knowledge of our traditions, participated actively in the question-and-answer session, requesting clarification and further information from Varda, who received a warm round of applause at the end of the session.

Beit Rambam thanks UPO for giving us the opportunity to share firsthand some of the most important religious, cultural and historical aspects of Judaism.


Beit Rambam at the 15th European Day of Jewish Culture

The European Day of Jewish Culture, an initiative promoted by the European Association for the Preservation and Promotion of Jewish Culture and Heritage (AEPJ), B’nai B’rith Europe, the European Council of Jewish Communities (ECJC) and Red de Juderías de España, already in its fifteenth year, is now an important date on the European cultural calendar for promoting Jewish culture.

The celebrations took place last September 14, and Beit Rambam, in collaboration with the Red de Juderías and the Centro de Interpretación de la Judería de Sevilla, offered a tasting of Sephardic sweets to the public.


Beit Rambam at the 5th Medieval Week of the Three Cultures in Vejer de la Frontera (Cadiz)

Last July 17, the Casa de la Cultura of the City Hall of Vejer de la Frontera (Cadiz) held a series of conferences as part of the activities of the 5th Medieval Week of the Three Cultures that took place July 14-20, 2014.

Speakers such as Dr. Maria Dolores Lopez de la Orden, curator of the Museum of Cadiz, and Dr. Expiracion Garcia-Sanchez, scientific researcher from the CSIC in the School of Arabic Studies in Granada participated in the series of conferences. David Pozo Perez represented Beit Rambam.

The conferences and debate that followed analyzed the gastronomic customs of the Jewish, Christian and Arabic populations of medieval Andalusia from different perspectives, taking into consideration cultural and religious influences, as well as the physical and natural conditions of the local environment.


Beit Rambam in the Seville Hotel Industry School

On March 4, 2014, Beit Rambam participated in a gastronomic event organized by the Escuela de Hostelería Industrial de Sevilla (Seville Hotel Industry School), titled “Senses, Tradition and Culture.” In this open house, students prepared various dishes from Jewish, Christian and Muslim traditions.

Beit Rambam in the Seville Hotel Industry School

The audience, professors and students tasted the dishes and the open house was completed with three conferences, one about each of the traditions represented, touching on religious and cultural aspects.

Beit Rambam, represented by its president, David Pozo Perez, explained the added value of the diet in Judaism, as well as the culinary customs associated to the festive cycle of the Hebrew calendar according to Ashkenazi and Sephardic customs.

Beit RaMBaM en la Escuela de Hostelería