Beit RaMBam


Tishri 5778


Shabbat and Festivities


Since the formal constitution of Beit Rambam,
we have celebrated holidays and enjoyed
many memorable moments together.

Thank you to all of the chaverim who participated in the events.

Succot Celebration!

19 Tishrei 5777 / October 21st, 2016

Perfect day, perfect weather and the views from the succa to take the breath away.

Sucot 2016

Ina the builder, Jorge the apprentice.

Sucot 2016

Makom Sefarad.

Sucot 2016

And, of course, the stories...

Sucot 2016

...and a few more stories.

Sucot 2016

Parents and children shaking the lulav.

Rosh Hashana / Yom Kippur

1-11 Tishrei 5777 / October 2-12, 2016

It is Beit Rambam's wish that the new year inspire us to help contribute to eliminating hunger, misery and injustice in the world.
May 5777 finally bring peace to Israel and to all humanity!

A great start of the new year among friends and many visitors at the lovely venue provided by Aranoa and the CEA Global Center.
Followed by Shacharit, Shofar and Kiddush at the palace, the next day.
For the Yom Kippur we were honored to have Rabbi Alona Lisitsa lead the two day services at the Plaza de Armas, from Kol Nidre the night of Erev to the Seuda Mafseket and the breaking of the fast the evening of the 12th.

rosh-hashana 2016

Always a joy to have students, travelers and distant family join us for the high holidays. Aranoa, Juan and Leslie doing what they do best.

rosh-hashana 2016

Students come to teach us a thing or two and set a wonderful example for the kids in our small community.


Rehearsing the brachot.

rosh-hashana 2016

The future of Beit Rambam.

rosh-hashana 2016

Joy, privilege, honor...and excellent Spanish wine in great company...