Beit RaMBam


Tishri 5778


        A place for Beit Rambam


Thanks to the generosity of the City Hall of Sevilla, we are meeting in a place given to us by the City Council for Citizen Participation.

However, we still need our own meeting spot that favors gatherings and allows us to multiply our activities in the long term.

We already have a Sefer Torah

Una Torá.Thanks to the generosity of the Routman family, who also donated the shipping of the Sefer from the USA to Sevilla, the Rimonim and the Yad, in loving memory of their daughter Stephanie/Shoshana.

Our chaver Jorge, Secretario of Beit Rambam, donated the Ner Tamid.

The Aaron Ha-kodesh and Parochet, as well as the other elements were made by chaverim and chaverot of Beit Rambam and expenses covered by the Kehila’s resources.


Una biblioteca

Various congregants and freends have donated books. However, we don’t have the furniture necessary to use Beit Rambam’s library. If you want to help us, your donation will be welcome. Please contact

esides the aforementioned projects, we are currently working on many others, , although we don’t count with enough funds to carry them out. Throughout history, the modest Jewish kehilot have been backed up by the solidarity of its members and other institutions that have collaborated with them.

Any help you can provide will be welcome!
And of course, very much appreciated by Beit Rambam.

If you want to support us, please write to the Fundraising Commission: